Diving and Snorkeling Equipment

Do Dive In has the largest inventory and selection of top quality, fully warranted, name brand scuba and snorkeling equipment in Central Illinois and we have been teaching people how to properly use it for 35 years. With high quality products and customer service second to none, our reputation has been earned by painstaking attention to detail that goes into building our business on a daily basis. We cater to beginning and advanced divers alike at excellent prices that will get you started on the right foot or launched into technical diving.

Why Buy Dive Equipment From Do Dive In?

So you’re shopping for scuba gear.  Good for you!  Diving is a great sport.  Divers are good people.  You’re really going to love having your own gear.  It’s no secret that there are a lot of internet retailers out there selling dive equipment.  However, if you are considering purchasing gear from an internet or mail order seller, here are some simple facts to ponder: Most  internet direct sellers (many of whom are not even divers) are selling dive equipment, at its “basic worth”, with little or no information, unassembled, in the box. Do Dive In sells dive equipment with the following values added:

  • At Do Dive In, you are able to see and try on what you selected first. All the catalogs, sizing charts and pictures in the world are no substitute for actually being fitted by knowledgeable professionals.
  • With our exclusive “try before you buy” program, we will let you try any of our in stock BCD’s or regulators in the pool before you decide which is right for you.
  • We assemble your diving system, configured to your specific needs, and absolutely guarantee the fit at no extra charge.
  • We will make sure that you are fully aware of all the features and benefits of the dive equipment you have selected, and that the equipment you are considering is suitable and a good “fit” for the kinds of diving you want to do. And, if you’re buying any equipment that requires additional training – dry suits for example – we will gladly train you in its proper use and maintenance procedures at no extra charge
  • Our staff will do everything possible to help you stay within your budget, and to make sure you get the most “bang” for your buck.
  • Unlike items purchased from many Internet sellers, all products that we offer include a full U.S. warranty to protect our customers years down the road. We will assist you in completing the warranty forms and will personally register all warranty information for you. Plus, we are here to help resolve any warranty issues that may come up at no extra charge to you.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction with your newly selected dive equipment. We’re not happy until you’re happy. Plus, we will always be here for free, friendly consultation on all the places and ways you can use your new equipment. We want you to be a happy diver, and that means more than just selling you “gear”!

If you feel you have found an internet deal too good to be true for new dive equipment, give us a chance to make you one of our many happy and loyal customers before you give your credit card number to someone who doesn’t know you in a warehouse in some other state or country. Just show us what gear you have chosen, and what pricing you have found.  In exchange, we’ll make sure you are getting what you think you are getting; right size, current model, right features, etc.  And we’ll tell you what the cost would be if you bought the same items from us with all the above values added.  Then you can decide whether or not you feel we are worth it.

Scuba Instruction

  • Do Dive In has been training divers how to dive safely since 1974. We are committed to providing our customers with the finest SCUBA training possible to ensure your comfort and safety, both in class and after certification.

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Scuba Trips

  • Come join us for a hassle free, maximum fun, diving adventure! We offer many different travel opportunities from local trips in our abundant lakes, quarries, and springs to tropical dive destinations.
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Scuba Equipment

  • Do Dive In has the largest selection and inventory of top quality, name brand scuba and snorkeling equipment in Central Illinois.
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