Equipment Rentals

Do Dive In has a large selection of rental equipment, including dry suits and dive computers. All of our equipment is well maintained and upgraded on a regular basis to insure the safest and best service to our customers.

You may rent by the day, week or longer. We gladly accept equipment reservations. You must be a certified diver and have proof of certification to rent a tank or regulator. You must also be dry suit certified to rent a dry suit. A credit card deposit is required unless you have an established rental record with us. Special rental rates are available for students enrolled in Do Dive In’s Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water courses.

Item One day Weekend Weekly
Tank with 1st air fill $10 $15 $50
Tank with 1st EANX Fill $15 $20 $75
Dble 80 cu ft tanks w/manifold & air fill $25 $35 $125
Regulator w/Alt & Gauges $12 $18 $60
Regulator w/pressure gauge, alt & Computer $22 $35 $60
BCD (weight integrated) $12 $18 $60
Backplate & wing $16 $22 $80
Weights $6 $9 $30
Weight belt $3 $5 $15
Wetsuit $10 $15 $50
Hood $5 $7.50 $25
Gloves $5 $7.50 $25
Drysuit Only w/Boots $50 $75 $250
Undergarment $25 $37.50 $125
Drysuit w/undergarment $70 $90 $210
Dive Light $10 $15 $50
DPV $35 $52.50 $175

Rental Packages (includes 2 tanks, bag, regulator w/alternate & gauges, BCD, wetsuit hood, gloves & weights)

Item One day Weekend Weekly
Rental Package $50 $99  
Drysuit Rental Package (w/o undergarment) $85 $160  

Scuba Instruction

  • Do Dive In has been training divers how to dive safely since 1974. We are committed to providing our customers with the finest SCUBA training possible to ensure your comfort and safety, both in class and after certification.

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Scuba Trips

  • Come join us for a hassle free, maximum fun, diving adventure! We offer many different travel opportunities from local trips in our abundant lakes, quarries, and springs to tropical dive destinations.
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Scuba Equipment

  • Do Dive In has the largest selection and inventory of top quality, name brand scuba and snorkeling equipment in Central Illinois.
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